terça-feira, janeiro 13, 2004

Brazilian wax

Pois é, Pois é!! É do meu conhecimento que a grande maioria da população masculina aprecia uma "brazilian wax"! E, devo acrescentar que na condição de mulher sou uma fã desta prática. Mas quis que tivessem noção daquilo que acontece...Recordo que na nossa ilhota são poucas as senhoras que fazem este trabalho nos gabinetes de estética, por isso, quem o quer feito, faz sozinha! Não poucas foram as vezes que tive que ficar de "bigode" pk não consegui acabar...lol. Leiam isto! E para a próxima vez que a vossa namorada ou companheira aparecer de barba ou bigode, tenham compaixão e lembrem-se daquilo que vão ler:

"NEW YORK -- I am lying flat on my back, naked, holding my butt and legs up in the air while a middle-aged Brazilian woman peers at my crotch. She leans a little closer and moves her fingers between my flesh. While this is a position normally reserved for bedroom activities, it's business as usual at the J. Sisters International Salon in midtown Manhattan
Juracy grabs my legs and bends them toward my chest, and plants a hand under each knee. It's hard to act nonchalant when you're bare-assed, twisted into a yoga position and giving a stranger a bird's eye-view of your nether region. As I'm concentrating on the cherubs and moldings on the ceiling (just like being at the doctor's!), Juracy spreads baby powder all over my crotch and butt. And I mean all over, inside and out. This woman is not shy about touching strangers. She tilts me up slightly, frosts my butt with warm wax and wham, bam, there goes the hair. I didn't even know I had hair down there. (Yup, everyone does. Butt waxing is part of what differentiates a Brazilian wax from a regular wax.) The pain isn't bad at all but I become alarmed when she grabs my labia, folds them back and spreads wax on them. Riiiiiiiip. I gasp and my eyes bug out. "Owwwwwww." Juracy grins.

She twists my body from side to side as she works her way up, and at one point my leg is thrown over her shoulder. I feel like she's going to cart me off to the woods, cave-man style. The waxing is over in about 15 minutes. Then Juracy goes over my body with tweezers, plucking stray hairs. And for the grand finale, she grabs my pubic hair between two fingers, pulls it up, gives it a good whack with scissors and dusts me off with more baby powder. I've been too afraid to look until now. I peer down at my body. It's a mess, glowing red and swirled with baby powder. Ugh.

So why do women go through with this?(...)What it really boils down to is sex"

By Christina Valhouli

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