sábado, outubro 11, 2003


Hello there everyone!!!! Guess who's back?!...Yes, its me! Haven't left any thoughts here in a long time....Well, all i can say is Winter's almost back! The rain is here, but we're missing the most important ingredient: cold. Dont you all love winter?...Its just great! The misterious foggy days, the cold winter breeze, the rain...its just so romantic ;) All i wanna do is cuddle up with my "someone special".... Friday nights at home (having an affair with my couch, lol), drinking hot chocolate and watching soppy movies....how cool is that?!?!?!?....Maybe its wierd, but i kind of see myself as a winter person. After all, the cold weather works on my hormones, unlike other people who are affected by the summer season in a "sensual" way (if you know what i mean)....So, to all you wonderful people out there: HAPPY WINTER SEASON! Cuddle up close, keep warm and take advantage of the cold...its always a good excuse for a nice warm hug, a gentle kiss, or even some fire under the covers!
posted by babygirl at 10/11/2003 01:20:00 da manhã


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