sábado, agosto 23, 2003

Baby Girl explains

Hey there "bloggers"! Just got home from a nice time out with the gang, aka Confraria do Corno (some members short). Its the time to explain my so called evil plan, wich in fact is only a little lesson in life.
There's a Portuguese saying that goes something like this: "Cada macaco no seu galho", wich roughly translated means "each monkey on its own branch".
This story\plan is about a little chimp who assumes to be a monkey, and, to make matters worse, is trying to sit with the gorilas, on the higher branches.....
My job is to try and lead him back to the bottom of the tree, and make him understand that what matters is not how high you climb....its how you do it!
Just a little help....Think of it, i'm only being thoughtful and considerate....if we didn't care we wouldn't bother...NOT!!!! ;)
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